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How To Protect Your Antique Car Collection At Home And On The Road

You live the dream. You retired, and now you have a lovely collection of antique cars you take on the road to car shows and put on display at home. There is just one problem: the weather. Rain, sun, snow, ice, sleet, and hail are all brutal to the exteriors of your car collection, and you do not have enough garage stalls to protect them. Worse still, you cannot protec

3 Things To Know About Rust Convertor Spray

If you want to prevent rust on your vehicle, you should coat it with a rust inhibitor spray that will prevent rust from forming on your vehicle. This is vital if you live somewhere that gets snow and has treated roads. If you already have rust on your vehicle though, you can deal with it with rust convertor spray. How Rust Convertor Spray Is Different Than Rust Inhibi

Four Features To Look For In An In-Dash GPS System

If your car doesn't already have an in-dash navigation system, you may have considered installing one to help with directions on long trips or new destinations. In-dash GPS systems come with a host of unique features, and finding the right system can make the task of driving easier. Here are just some of the many features to consider as you shop for this type of auto

4 Benefits Of Using A Truck Bed Liner

One of the things that may help make your life easier is owning a truck. This can allow you to use it to do a variety of things that may range from taking trips to hauling furniture. The good news is you're sure to get a lot of usage out of this vehicle. In an attempt to keep the bed of the truck in the best condition possible, you will want to consider the purchase o

Set Your Car Audio Up For Listening To Podcasts During Long Drives

Whether you are driving to work, home, or a store, you may need to have something playing on the speakers in your car from the moment you turn the car on until you turn it off. While many car owners will play music through their phone or listen to the radio, you may prefer podcasts. During short drives, you may not be able to dive that far into a podcast episode.