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How To Protect Your Antique Car Collection At Home And On The Road

You live the dream. You retired, and now you have a lovely collection of antique cars you take on the road to car shows and put on display at home. There is just one problem: the weather. Rain, sun, snow, ice, sleet, and hail are all brutal to the exteriors of your car collection, and you do not have enough garage stalls to protect them. Worse still, you cannot protect them on the road. What can you do? If you can afford the added investment, here are a few options for keeping your collection in reasonably good shape.

Car Tarps

Car tarps are good for the most basic car protection. Unfortunately, most car tarps are made to fit modern cars, which does not make them a perfect fit for cars older than ten to fifteen years. Even if you can get car tarps to fit your antique cars, there is still the problem of keeping the tires and undersides of the vehicles protected. You would have to use undercoating on the vehicles regularly, and you would never be able to leave the vehicles uncovered while on display in your yard.

Pop-up Carports 

These carports are like tents for cars. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them a nice option for protecting your collection at home and at car shows. You will need to buy a carport that is several feet longer than the car you intend to place inside it. That way, should it rain, the rain cannot get very far inside either open end of the carport, and the car inside will be protected. 

The one drawback to pop-up carports is that you not only have to find a way to transport your cars, but you also have to find a way to transport the disassembled car ports. That can become both tedious and expensive over time, especially if you like taking your collection to a lot of car shows. You would have to hire a series of flatbed trucks or moving trucks to carry the carport components as well as the cars.

Tarp Systems and Semi Trailers

If you are going to transport more than one of your antique vehicles to a car show, maybe the better option is a tarp system. There are numerous benefits to using a flatbed, drop-deck, and/or double drop-deck trailer with a tarp system. 

Among those benefits:

In fact, if you wanted to take three of your best antique cars to a road show, you could load them onto a double drop-down trailer with a tarp system, and all three would fit. All of them would be equally protected by the sliding tarp system too. To learn more about tarp systems, contact a company like Glider Systems Inc.