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3 Things To Know About Rust Convertor Spray

If you want to prevent rust on your vehicle, you should coat it with a rust inhibitor spray that will prevent rust from forming on your vehicle. This is vital if you live somewhere that gets snow and has treated roads. If you already have rust on your vehicle though, you can deal with it with rust convertor spray.

How Rust Convertor Spray Is Different Than Rust Inhibitor Spray

Rust convertor spray is chemically designed to mix with the chemicals found in rust to create a new substance. Rust convertor spray chemically changes rust on your vehicle into an inert substance. It prevents the rust on your vehicle from spreading further and allows you to paint over the previously rusted area and protect your vehicle from further rust.

What Rust Convertor Spray Can Be Used On

Rust convertor spray can be used on basically any object that is rusty and is made out of either iron or steel. It can be used on a variety of different objects, such as vehicles, farm equipment, lawn equipment, tanks, cast iron, fences, gates and trailers. It cannot be used on objects that are made out of copper, aluminum, galvanized metal or stainless steel.

How to Use Rust Convertor Spray

Rust convertor spray requires a little prep work. First you need to use a stiff bristled brush or sandpaper to roughen up the rusted areas as your vehicle. You don't need to remove the rust, you just need to roughen it up so that it will bond more easily with the rust converter.

You also need to clean the rusted area. If the rust is dirty or has oil or grease on it, the rust convertor will not be able to bond with the rust on your vehicle. Make sure that you allow the rusted surface time to dry effectively as well.

Apply the rust convertor spray with a brush or a roller, or spray it right on the rust. Once it dries and changes the rust to an inert substance, you can paint over it.

If your vehicle already has a lot of rust on it, rush convertor spray can be an effective way to deal with all of that rust. It can help you stop the spread of rust on your vehicle. Once you stop the spread of rust on your vehicle, you need to switch to rust inhibitor spray, which will protect your vehicle from developing more rust on it.