Improving My Car

Signs You Need New Headlights

You use the headlights on your vehicle to see well at night and during cloudy, foggy, or otherwise visibly restrictive weather. While the headlights your vehicle came with should be sufficient enough to meet your needs, you can invest in new headlights, such as single beam LED headlights, to make your vehicle even safer on the road.

Are you in need of new headlights for your car? Use this guide to help you. You can get new bulbs in a variety of styles and color tints to meet your driving visibility needs. LED bulbs are long-lasting and give you crisp, clear light when you drive, so talk to your auto accessories representative about this option.

Your lights are foggy

The glass covering your headlights gets foggy and discolored with time, which can affect the brightness you have when you drive at night or otherwise have your headlights on. You can get new headlight covers at your local auto accessories store, or buy brighter headlight bulbs to make up for the lack of brightness.

Your lights are dimmer

Headlight bulbs, like all styles of light bulbs, eventually lose brightness and fade with time. Your headlight bulbs may start to appear more orange or yellow in their color, or may be too dim to give you the visibility throw you desire. If you want to see more clearly when you drive and have the best visibility on the road while being able to see further as you go, then consider upgrading to newer bulbs.

Light bulbs for headlights are a cost-effective way to upgrade your vehicle's safety and make driving in all types of conditions easier. Ask to see several styles of bulbs for the make and model of your vehicle to help you make your purchase decision.

Your lights are out

You can lose a headlight for a number of reasons: water damage, an accident, damage to the headlight cover, or just regular wear. If one of your headlights is out or damaged, it's best to replace them both so you have even visibility on the road. Since driving with a single headlight is considered a distraction and potential danger on the road, have your headlights changed as soon as you notice one isn't working.

Your auto parts specialist will help you select new single beam LED headlight bulbs or other style of headlights for your vehicle. They can also put the headlight bulbs in your vehicle for you if they have a technician or available staff to do so.