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Four Features To Look For In An In-Dash GPS System

If your car doesn't already have an in-dash navigation system, you may have considered installing one to help with directions on long trips or new destinations. In-dash GPS systems come with a host of unique features, and finding the right system can make the task of driving easier. Here are just some of the many features to consider as you shop for this type of auto accessory.

Touch-Screen Functionality

A touch-screen display makes using a GPS system easier, allowing you to quickly scroll through menu options and enter addresses when your car is not in motion. If possible, visit a store that sells these devices so you can test each one. The touch-screen technology should be easy to use with a simple touch instead of having to repeatedly tap or press on the screen, and it should allow for one-finger navigation through features. If you travel a lot, or if your travel plans tend to change quickly, look for a system that combines a touch screen with voice-activated commands so you can use your GPS even while you are driving.

Traffic And Toll Avoidance

Your GPS system should offer flexible navigation options. Some systems come with optional subscriptions that provide access to features including traffic and toll avoidance. These options let you choose the fastest or least expensive routes on your journey, and they can also alert you to potential traffic jams in an area you plan to travel to. Some GPS systems also offer map updates to keep up to date on new construction and new roads, as well as parking assistance to let you know where the best location is to park your car.

Integration With Sound System

In-dash GPS systems come with a host of additional features, such as HD radio tuners and satellite radio access. In order to get the most out of these applications, you'll want to make sure your GPS unit offers integration with your sound system. Some units feature premium sound system capabilities, making them easy to connect to and syn with your car's speakers for surround sound.

Steering Wheel Compatibility

If your car features steering wheel volume controls and other radio control features, you'll want to make sure that your in-dash GPS unit is compatible with these controls. Remember that your GPS unit will replacing your car's in-dash stereo, so without this functionality, your steering wheel controls will no longer work.

Once you've selected the right in-dash GPS system, schedule a professional installation appointment. This will help ensure that your system is functioning properly inside your vehicle. Visit a site like for more help.