Improving My Car

Set Your Car Audio Up For Listening To Podcasts During Long Drives

Whether you are driving to work, home, or a store, you may need to have something playing on the speakers in your car from the moment you turn the car on until you turn it off. While many car owners will play music through their phone or listen to the radio, you may prefer podcasts.

During short drives, you may not be able to dive that far into a podcast episode. But, if you have long commutes and enjoy going on daytrips to nearby towns or cities, you may find yourself driving for longer than an hour at a time, on multiple occasions throughout each month. You should consider upgrading your car audio to make listening to podcasts more enjoyable.

Head Unit Features

Analyzing head unit features is important, if you want to listen to podcasts regularly. For instance, you may want to adjust the equalization settings to improve the vocals. If you have others in your car and you would like to make it quiet in the back of the car for them, you want speaker adjustment settings. Limiting the sound to the front speakers will make a huge impact on the backseat noise.

Speaker Additions

If your stock speakers make it tough to hear some podcasts clearly, you can make the sound clearer by not only replacing these speakers, but adding new ones to the car, as well. While you may want to get help with making room for new speakers, you can minimize space consumption by adding tweeters. These speakers are designed to produce high frequencies that most car speakers cannot do.

Adding small speakers should not be much of a challenge, but you can still add speakers the size of your car's stock ones, by building custom enclosures and installing them securely.

Amplifier Installation

To maximize customization and reach the potential of the speakers in your vehicle, you will want to invest in an amplifier. While your head unit will have a tiny amplifier to help carry sound, you will find that a dedicated amplifier can make your podcasts sound louder and clearer.

With music, you can afford not to understand what someone is saying because you are mainly listening to a song for enjoyment purposes. But, a podcast can provide you with all sorts of valuable information, for which an amplifier will be beneficial. You will reduce or get rid of sound distortion, when you need to turn the volume up.

When you install new car audio, listening to podcasts will become a much-improved experience.

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