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Options In Car Covers For Your New Corvette

One accessory you'll probably want for your new Corvette is a cover. A cover helps protect your investment and it keeps your car clean so it always looks nice. You'll probably want a cover whether you keep your car in a garage or parked outdoors. There are different types of covers you can buy. Here's a look at a few of them.

Stretch Covers For Indoor Use

If you park your car in your garage, you won't need a heavy cover to protect it from the elements. Instead, a light cover that keeps dust off is a better choice. You can buy a dust cover made from a stretchy material that clings to your car to protect it from dust while at the same time allowing air to circulate around the finish of your car. These have elastic hems that secure the cover to the underside of the car. The material then stretches to conform to the shape of your car, so it is nearly as good as buying an expensive custom car cover. Stretch covers not only protect your car from dust, they look good doing it. The material conforms to the curves of your car and the covers come in many vibrant colors so your Corvette looks great even when it is parked and covered.

Protective Covers For Outdoor Use

Buying a cover for outdoor use is a little more challenging. You want a cover made from material that repels rain and snow and that stands up to UV rays. An outdoor cover should also protect against tree sap, bird droppings, pollution, dust, dirt, and other forms of grime. It should also fit well to keep out rodents or stray cats that may want to get underneath it for shelter. You can buy a one-size-fits-all cover that you throw over your car like a tarp, or you can buy one that is made specifically for the year of your Corvette so it has a custom fit. A custom cover is more expensive, but it is generally worth the price to get the best fit. This cuts down on flapping due to wind gusts, plus a custom cover looks more attractive.

Enclosed Covers For Long-Term Storage

If you plan to keep your Corvette in the garage all winter, or if you just want extra protection when heavy rain or snow is expected, you may want a cover that forms an enclosure around your car. You drive onto the cover and then throw the top flap over your car. The top attaches to the bottom with zippers so your car is fully enclosed and protected from rain, snow, bugs, and rodents.

When choosing your Corvette cover, you'll want to pick one that is soft on the inside so your paint isn't in danger of being scratched, and you'll also want a cover that is easy to put on and off so you'll be inclined to use it all the time.