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Make Extra Money By Removing Snow From Residential And Commercial Property

If you live in an area that receives several snowstorms each winter and have thought about making some extra money by removing snow from residential and commercial property that is located in the vicinity of where you live, use the tips below to help you get started in your money making endeavor. People who hire you will be appreciative that they do not need to struggle to shovel or plow snow on their own and you will be earning money that can be used for your household or a special occasion. 

Purchase Equipment

Before getting started in the snow removal business, you need to purchase equipment and tools that will allow you to efficiently remove snow from property. If you own a truck or sports utility vehicle, securing a snow plow to the front of your vehicle will allow you to move snow without needing to lift a finger.

Contact a business that sells snow plows and mounts, like J & C Campers, and provide information about the vehicle that you own so that a plow and mount that will fit your vehicle can be recommended to you. After purchasing a plow, have it professionally installed. Purchase shovels, bags of rock salt, and a snow blower to assist with melting ice and removing snow from property. 


Because there may be other people nearby who offer snow removal services, it is crucial that you advertise so that people in the community will be informed about the services that you offer. Paper fliers, vinyl signs, or banners can be displayed around town or across the front of your residential property.

Create an advertisement and request that it is published in a local newspaper. All of the advertising that you use should include your name, address, contact number, and the amount that you charge to remove snow from property. Use bold lettering and simple phrases that will allow people to easily read the advertisements.

Hire A Crew

When people hire you to remove snow from their property, provide each one with a time and date that you will be stopping by and write down information pertaining to each job so that you can keep track of what needs to be done.

If you receive an overabundance of phone calls and do not know how you will handle all of the jobs on your own, hire a few people to assist with removing snow. If you all work together and use the various tools and equipment that you own, jobs can be completed in a timely manner and you will have the opportunity to take on some additional snow removal projects.